Why Christianity?


Fact: Jesus Christ was a real person.


Fact:   There are at least eighteen sources referencing Jesus Christ – far more than for many historical figures in the first century. Twelve are non-Christian sources. 

Pieces of a surviving ancient work are known as manuscripts. Far more ancient pages (or fragments) of the Bible have survived than any other book from ancient times (over 5,800 Greek manuscripts and over 8,000 Latin manuscripts). This is exceptional. Most ancient world books have around twelve manuscripts.


Fact: Christianity hinges on the death and resurrection of Christ.

To dismiss the Resurrection (and then adopt a theory to explain the historical happenings) you will first have to explain away three historical facts:

  1. There was an empty tomb three days after Jesus’ body had been placed in it, and it had been constantly guarded by Roman soldiers;

  2. Jesus appeared to hundreds of people in numerous places for almost seven weeks after His crucifixion;

  3. Something huge happened to suddenly permanently change all the disheartened, scared and cowardly disciples into bold believers, proclaiming the resurrection of Christ to the extent that they were willing to be tortured and die for Him. 

Fact: The Bible is the world’s best-selling book of all time.


Fact: Millions of people claim to have a real relationship with God, through Jesus Christ.


Fact: Jesus says, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life’.


Fact: Christianity is the biggest historical influence over mankind in human history.


Fact: Christianity is a moral compass.


It is not our intention to convert you, but to clarify.


We feel it is important, as a political party, for you to understand that what we base our principles on is real, factual and true.



Many people have no education about the colossal influence Christianity has made throughout history and in our nation.


Whether one believes in God or not, without a doubt Christianity is a huge part of the foundation of common decency, good will, peace and respect to all people. It has brought about establishments for justice, health care and education, as well as fundamental laws and values that help keep the British people free and safe.



It is these values and laws we seek to protect.


If what is important to us is important to you, then why not become a member or support us.