Morality & Justice

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Integrity, Honesty, Morality and Justice

Central to Christianity are key attributes such as integrity, honesty, morality and justice. These attributes are therefore central to the CDP.
Selflessness and service (to others) is also central to Christianity, therefore we seek to service you, the public, to the very best of our ability. But we can only do that with your support and achieve our aims and objectives with active members and generous donations.

We believe in genuine equality.
We believe in upholding the rights of individuals. We also expect individuals to accept the responsibilities associated with those rights.


Public Office (Government Authority)
Standards of behaviour in public office have deteriorated. Corporate governance is dominated by the profits and the value of shares at the expense and detriment of the British public. This, we feel, is unacceptable and can lead to frustration, reaction and unrest from the public. The response to this is not more overbearing legislation. Instead, the emphasis should be on setting general codes and duties for public and corporate governance that prioritise honesty and integrity.

We strongly oppose all forms of lies, deliberate misinformation and corruption, and will promote sanctions against nations or organisations active in serious immoral activities. 

We believe in justice for all regardless of race, religion and nationality.
We oppose greed and believe that political parties should lead by example.

Human Dignity and Respect
From conception to natural death each person has the right to dignity and respect.
We respect the dignity and diversity of all people throughout the world. 
Dignity is the source of our freedom, our creativity and our struggle for justice. Dignity is everyone's most basic human right and should always be defended and respected.
Many people receive an unfair share of the world's resources. We must respect that common human dignity that binds us in global solidarity and gives us hope for a better life for all.

The Poor
The poor of the world are not dispensable. They can never be sacrificed for a future benefit or financial gain.

Courts and the Legal System
Too many citizens are denied justice because they cannot afford to employ a lawyer. The rules and process are overly complicated and a barrier to self-representation. We believe in open access to the civil courts and a tribunal and magisterial system where at every level lay-assessors sit with and alongside judges.
Common sense and objectivity must be the prime consideration.

Conscientious Objection, Freedom of Speech and Assembly
It is important that civic and public authorities do not hold back the right to demonstrate and express sincerely held opinions and views that are legitimately derived. There has been an increasing tendency by some authorities to harass and hinder those who hold traditional values, and in particular Christians who live their faith. The right to conscientious objection is abused, dismissed and eroded. We believe in and will uphold the absolute right to conscientious objection.
It is also a great concern when authorities go to the other extreme by allowing head-to head counter demonstrations and protests. In many cases the aim of the counter-protesters is to deny the right and freedom of assembly, expression and free speech to others. This aggressive behaviour can lead to confrontation and violence.
We believe in and will promote a culture of peace.


If what is important to us is important to you, then why not become a member or support us.