Meet The Leaders

Leader - Stuart Wilson


Stuart entered into politics as he firmly believes Christian ethics will serve the needs of our people far greater from Constituency to Country. He is a dedicated father and a professional businessman who has been working in industry for 25 years.

Deputy Leader - Tatiana Johnson


Tatiana comes from a diverse and varied background. She is British, a Christian, married with children and lives in the UK.

She has worked with the CDP for a number of years supporting the previous leader who sadly passed away in 2019.

Nominating Officer - Joshua Heeley


Joshua has been involved in Christian politics from a young age, he is married with 2 children and lives in the South of England. He loves the outdoors, has a heart for people and wants to help those in need.

Join the Team

We have various different roles available within the team, if you are a memeber and would like to play an active role within the Christian Democratic Party then please do contact us.


If what is important to us is important to you, then why not become a member or support us.