Families & Communities

Happy Family in Nature

Marriage & the Family Unit

We recognise the importance of motherhood, fatherhood and the family unit.  We understand that the well being of family unit is critically important within society. Therefore we will stand against any legislation that devalues the family unit.
We value traditional marriage (between one man and one woman) and the importance of parenthood. We believe that marriage should be cherished, respected and supported.

Tax Breaks for Married Couples

Tax breaks should be given to married couples, especially those with children.

Parental Choice & Consent
We respect the rights of parents regarding their children's upbringing, education and medical needs.

Sex Education
All children, especially those of primary school age, should be protected from inappropriate sex education and parents should have a choice as to what degree of information is given to their children, when it is delivered (age of child), and how it is delivered in the classroom and by whom. 


Protect Children from Sexualisation

It is every child’s right to develop at their own pace, in an environment where they feel safe and secure, and where they are allowed to behave and enjoy their childhood.


Outdoor Play & Education
Outdoor play areas and quality playgrounds are important for physical health, mental health and social development. 

Outdoor educational trips provide children with unique challenges and adventures. These are often a once in a lifetime opportunities and studies show that outdoor education boosts self confidence, self esteem, team building skills, social skills and personal development. It also encourages children to be physically active and take a greater interest in outdoor activities. 

Right to Life

We believe that every individual has a right to life - from conception to natural death.


Organ Donation

We would seek the repeal of Max and Keira’s Bill which forces adults in the UK to be automatic organ donors. Although in principle this bill appears to be sensible, our concern is the way it can be open to abuse. For this reason alone we would seek to ensure that the public know how to opt out of being a donor should they wish, or have the bill repealed. 

The CDP are not against organ donation, but are against forcing assumption of permission without consent. 

The CDP recognises associated moral issues associated with organ donation. 


Adoption & Fostering
We will promote and support adoption and fostering and recognise the need to provide much greater support and information for people genuinely wanting to be parents to children in need of a home.


The Elderly and the Vulnerable

Those vulnerable within society (unborn babies, children, elderly people, disabled and the ill) need the most protection and care.

 As a society we feel it is our duty to love and care for these vulnerable individuals to the best of our ability. 


Affordable Housing 

We believe that affordable housing is important and that there needs to be a continued plan regarding the UK’s needs for the future.


Isolation and Loneliness 

The CDP would like to support those in isolated areas or suffering with loneliness (often mostly elderly) and initiate programmes run by local councils and communities to ensure greater efforts are made to support the retired and elderly, or anyone who wishes to partake in more community social interaction. 


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