Environmental Concerns

Foggy Forest
Girl Drinking Water
Young Farmer with Flock of Chickens

The Environment

The CDP cares very much about the British environment. We will endeavour to protect its beauty, heritage and character whilst at the same time embracing the future needs of the British people, our wildlife, farming industry and commerce.

Drinking Water and Fluoride

We say NO to Fluoride!
The CDP cares very much about the British people and therefore strongly opposes adding fluoride to drinking water. Much research has been conducted on the dangers or fluoride and how little good, if any, it actually does to teeth. In fact, some research shows that fluoride can be detrimental to teeth. Fluoride has also been linked to many other major serious health problems as well as lowering IQ in children. 

Animal Agriculture & Climate Change

New evidence appears to be emerging on how animal agriculture - the rearing of livestock (beef cattle, dairy cows, chicken, pigs) for the global food industry - is proving to be the most damaging influence on our planet. 

This is an issue we, the CDP take seriously and will investigate further.


The CDP feels that more needs to be done to fight pollution, plastic and air pollution especially. We are custodians of this planet and need to do all that we can to look after it.

Bee on Flower

Bees, Pesticides & Mobile Phones


The CDP is proud to support British beekeepers and British honey. The reduction of global bee populations is a concern however. Evolving evidence indicates that one of the major causes for falling bee populations is due to mobile phone use. We will do our utmost to protect bees. We recognise the importance of bees and how they impact on mankind. Bees are crucial to our existence.


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