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Education is Key 

It is paramount to the successful development of our nation.

Knowledge is power, and if used positively can lead to progress and wisdom.

Investment in Learning
In order for this country to be strong physically, morally, economically and spiritually, we need to invest in quality education. The world around us is changing continuously. We need to embrace that change, be forward thinking, innovative, creative and resourceful if we want our children to be happy and learn from the best educational models possible. This will also equip them for the future.

Education is possibly one of the most important issues, yet is often one of the most neglected by political parties and teachers are left feeling unappreciated, over-worked and let down. We believe that schools in the UK are currently in dire need of more financial support and that the education system needs reviewing and updating. 


National Curriculum
The CDP will fight to modernise the education system including the national curriculum.. 


Religious Education

We also believe that Christianity (the history of), should be made compulsory in RE lessons in all schools in the UK and taught to a high standard. Christian based assemblies should also be reintroduced in schools that have abandoned them.

Sex Education
It is our belief that sex education schemes need serious reviewing regarding their suitability, delivery and content. We feel it is important to protect children from being exposed to sex education at an inappropriate age. We also think it is important to empower parents and protect the relationship between parents and children – often undermined by compulsory sex education at schools and delivered by organisations we consider agenda driven, immoral, unpopular and manipulative.  



The CDP greatly values the NHS and will do all that we can to protect it.

We believe that having vaccinations should always be an individual’s choice. We support the rights of parents to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children and believe that parents should have access to accurate and detailed information regarding vaccinations, both the benefits and dangers of. We also feel that pharmaceutical companies must be made liable to some degree, for the products they produce.

GM Foods

We are very concerned about GM (genetically modified) foods for health reasons and believe that further investigation and monitoring and / or control needs to be implemented. We oppose genetic modification in animals.

Fluoride in our Drinking Water
The CDP will strive to get fluoride out of British drinking water. Recent studies show that it does not help protect against tooth decay and might help cause a number of health issues such as skeletal fluorosis, dental fluorosis, thyroid dysfunction, cancer and more. Studies suggest that it can also lower IQ in children and help cause autism, developmental delay, ADHD and learning disabilities.

Accurate Information / Truth
We will stand against any danger to public health and ensure that accurate information is made easily
available to the public so that the public can make informed and balanced decisions on lifestyle choices.


If what is important to us is important to you, then why not become a member or support us.