Currently we as a country are experiencing unprecedented and difficult times. The future is, to a degree, uncertain in many ways. The CDP hope that you all remain safe and well and that normal life for everyone will return quickly. 

But we must also prepare for longer or further unseen events or disruptions affecting both our personal lives and the economy and we must continue to put people first. 

We understand the government’s decision to implement a national lockdown. We also acknowledge, thank and praise the efforts of all NHS staff, keyworkers, and all those striving to keep everyday life flowing smoothly and save lives.
We pray for the people of the United Kingdom and all people across the world. 

Through this pandemic we have seen communities coming together, neighbours helping each other like never before, old friends being reunited, compassion displayed and grievances against others forgiven. We have a renewed sense of how precious life is, especially the lives of those close to us and those we love. 

This is the good that can come from dire, difficult and painful situations, and none would be possible without humility, compassion and love. 
Across the globe we have also seen a renewed effort to think of God, or reach for Him. Church services are live-streamed to peoples’ homes and groups and individuals united in a similar way. Millions have turned to prayer – a natural response when challenged, afraid or having lost a loved one. God can instil hope, trust and provide comfort. 

There is much wrong with the world, caused by mankind. When the pandemic is over, whether things return to normal or whether we find new situations and challenges confronting us, we the CDP hope that you, the people of our four countries will remain strong, compassionate and healthy. We hope that you will see the future with a renewed hope and maybe for some a change of heart – a change for the better. 
We also hope that you will join us so that together we can become a political force, based on Christian values that will help get the United Kingdom back on track and ensure it becomes a more caring, compassionate and forward thinking society.