British Farming & Industry

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British Farming
The CDP will campaign for the promotion of British farming.
We firmly believe that supporting the British farmer and encouraging the public to buy British food / produce is important for the economy.

Ethical Farming
We will campaign for ethical farming techniques.


Ethical Animal Slaughtering

Like the RSPCA, the CDP acknowledges that religious beliefs and practices should be respected, but we do take animal cruelty seriously and agree with the RSPCA that all animals should be treated humanely at the time of killing and therefore should be stunned prior to slaughter. 

For this reason alone (animal cruelty) the CDP believes that the practice of slaughtering animals without stunning should be banned in the UK.

Organic Farming
We are keen to support and promote healthy and organic produce, as well as home grown fruit and vegetables.

GM Food
We oppose GM foods and endorse further research into its safety and development.

Vegan and Vegetarianism

The CDP fully support ethical vegan and vegetarian produce and manufacturing.

British Industry & Innovation
The CDP will endeavour to do everything in its power to protect, support and develop our industry and international trade links. It will also endeavour to protect and support small businesses or individuals with innovative ideas and designs seeking funding or sponsorship.

National Minimum Wage and VAT

We have always supported the minimum wage becoming a living wage, and we believe that the proposed living wage for the top tier of over 25’s needs to be at no less than £10 per hour for example. 

Raising the minimum wage will stimulate and grow our economy through increased consumer spending. 

For employers with minimum wage employees, a workforce being paid a living wage will improve employee output, employee retention and reduce absence and sick leave. 


We are against inheritance tax and will campaign to stop it, we believe that a person has been taxed enough and that there is no need for the government to profit from their death.

We will also endeavor to close tax loopholes before considering increasing tax.


If what is important to us is important to you, then why not become a member or support us.