The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) is a passionate, forward-thinking peaceful party whose Christian principles are based on hope, justice, truth and love. We stand firmly against corruption, injustice and immorality both nationally and globally.


It is a party for all people no matter what their faith or spiritual belief. It is a party for anyone who supports our principles and Constitution.

Many people who are not Christian care about many British values without even realising they are Christian based.



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Solidarity – Living, Caring and Working together within our Families, Communities, Nation and Globally.


Cherishing Human Life, the Family, Communities and Participation.


Protecting Human Rights and acting with Responsibility.


Caring about the Poor and the Vulnerable.


Caring about the Economy, Employment, the Dignity of Work and Workers Rights.


Caring about God’s Creation.


We have faith in the people of Britain!

We know that economic growth is vital for the country. We believe that after Brexit and post Covid-19, by working together and embracing the future with determination, innovation, planning and an enlightened outlook, we can bring about a positive, healthy and prosperous change.

We welcome innovation and creativity for economic growth and higher quality education, and we recognise that education is extremely important for long term planning and the health of the nation.

We believe in genuine free speech – free from the fear of arrest, imprisonment or punishment, therefore we also seek to address the subjective and often destructive nature of ‘hate speech’ laws which often result in hurting and failing to protect those whom they are intended to protect. Therefore we believe that the best response to hate speech is free speech.


We believe that the family unit should be cherished and protected, parents empowered, the innocence of children protected, education reformed and the nation’s health issues addressed.


We want to be a voice of reason for all who seek to be part of a powerful yet peaceful, caring and flourishing nation.


We work to serve you as individuals and as a nation.

We are not a party seeking popularity for the sake of power, but a party seeking people for the sake of a powerful nation.

We believe that a moral, united and healthy nation is a powerful nation, and that the good of the nation must be paramount at all times.

We strive to ensure freedom, justice, free speech, peace, love, and the right to life for all.

We fight for the common good.


​Our community welcomes you!

Join us and be part of a new and hopeful Britain! 

We are keen to listen to our members and hear what they have to say.

We are a caring, friendly and peaceful community. We love all people but might not love their actions. We do not advocate violence on any level and always promote peace.

We profoundly believe in standing against immortality, injustice and corruption.

We believe that it is important to build upon the moral fibre of our society, protecting it from the erosion caused by secularist and radical philosophies that have proven to undermine the value of human life, diminish human dignity and attempt to remove Christianity from our daily lives.

If you are not a member but have a question you would like to ask, please feel free to email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


If what is important to us is important to you, then why not become a member or support us.